How to Beat Roulette with A Simple 3 Point System

Many players try to beat roulette by buying a “sure fire” roulette system for money. These systems promise consistent gains and to make the buyer rich and beat roulette consistently. Of course, the reality does not match the hype and these systems are ALL doomed to failure.You can beat roulette, but it does not involve buying a system, more of that later. For now, lets look at why a mathematical roulette system cannot work.Roulette SystemsIn roulette, each spin of the roulette wheel is totally random. Let’s say that the colour red has come up twice in succession. The odds of this number coming up on the next spin are no greater or worse than if the number had not come up in 100, 500 or 1,000 spins previous spins, the odds still remain 50% – 50%.All spins of the roulette wheel are independent of each other and totally unrelated to the previous spin history. As the outcome of the spin is unrelated to any other, roulette is a game of pure chance.A mathematical system in roulette that promises consistent gains is a contradiction in terms, because if you have no reliable historical data, mathematical formulas are useless.In mathematics, you know what is definitely going to happen, in roulette you have the exact opposite you never know what is going to happen!Your Own Simple 1 – 2 – 3 Roulette System!For games of chance like roulette, the best a player can do is to wager on bets having the lowest casino advantage and to find the right type of roulette table.Once you have done this, you have put the odds as much in your favour as possible. Here are three simple steps to help you beat roulette.Rule 1: Play EuropeanThe European version has 37 slots with a single 0; the American version has an extra slot, a 00 to make 38.The house advantage is 2.7% For European and 5.26% for the American table. Simple – play European!Rule 2: Avoid These BetsThese include all single number bets, because these types of bets have large disparities between odds of success and payouts.Always avoid the five number bet, it has the worst odds on the table.Rule 3: Bets to PlaceUse bets whose odds are near to their payouts.These “even money” bets include betting on Even, Odd, Low, (numbers 1 through 18), High, (numbers 19 through 36), Red, or Black.These bets pay out odds of 1 : 1. With these bets, you’ll find your odds of winning win are 45% making it a very low risk way to bet.Finally, look for a European single-zero wheel that offers a rule called ‘en prison.’ If you make even money bet and the ball lands on zero, you don’t lose your bet. Instead, your bet is ‘imprisoned’, and you let it ride until the next spin. If your bet wins, you can remove it. The house edge here is cut in half and is just 1.35% making it the best bet of all.The above simple guidelines will help you beat roulette and will outperform any mathematical system.Keep in mind, that roulette is a game of chance and the most you can do is put the odds in your favour as much as possible and enjoy the game and maybe some healthy profits.

Roulette Odds – How to Get the Best Roulette Payouts

Roulette is, by far, one of the most enjoyable gambling games in the planet. There’s nothing quite like the rush you feel when that little ball hurtles down those numbers, such a tiny thing shaping the fates of those who joined. That ball can make or break a man, there’s no doubt about it. But, of course, nobody wants to be the one to be broken. So they all try to tip the odds towards them a bit, and the only way to do this is to understand what exactly the odds at roulette are.One thing to note, though, when considering roulette odds is that the game is based heavily on chance. And although it might strike you as the type of game wherein you bet on one number and hope to strike it big, it’s not really all that simple. Most roulette players, especially the serious ones, bet on several numbers instead on one number. There are a number of strategies that they employ in order to make their chances of wining a lot better.European Roulette is Better than American RouletteMost roulette players would determine whether or not the table is European or American. When they see that the game is American, then they steer clear of it and look for another game instead. The difference between these two lies in the roulette table or, more precisely, in the odds of wining that they each endow the player.And if it’s odds we’re talking about, it’s pretty obvious that you’re better off playing European roulette. If you intend to get rich, then there’s certainly no room for your patriotism. You see, the American Roulette table has 38 numbers while the European roulette table has only 37. The difference lies in the tables’ zeroes. European roulette has one, and American roulette has two. The casinos earn money twice as fast in the American roulette as they do with the European roulette. This means that you, the player, will lose your money twice as fast.So shun those American Roulette tables because they simply won’t cut it.Even MoneyWhen you’re playing roulette, it’s usually more enjoyable to bet on a single number because it gives you more excitement and a lot more thrill, especially if the ball happens to land on your number. But if you’re really serious about playing roulette, you should never bet on a single number. That would give you an odd of about 2.7%, which means that there’s a 97.3 chance that you will lose. Do the math, and you’ll find that betting on one number is a really, really scary thing.So, instead of placing a bit on just one number, you can bet on odds or evens or red or black. It gives you a decent 50% chance of winning, lower actually because of the zero in the table but good enough to give you a profit on your lucky days.You may also bet on columns if you want. Sure, this strategy greatly decreases your chances of getting a big downpour, but at least, it will allow you more opportunity to win at a slower but surer pace rather than lose everything with just a single haphazard decision.

Winning at Roulette – What Makes You Lose at Online Roulette?

You have tried so many roulette strategies which you can find either free from internet or paid ebooks that teach you how to win at roulette, but you still lose, why? Many players who play at online roulette have the same feeling, they have learned the best strategies that should make them win, but turn out to be the other outcome, they lose!Sound familiar? You must be wondered why your can’t win even you have the best strategies in hand. What makes you lose actually? Review the reasons of losing at online roulette below, if you have hit one of the criteria, you should not blame anyone but yourself for losing at online roulette.1. You think good lucks are always at your sideRoulette is a game of chance which nobody can accurately predict the outcome of each run. Therefore, part of your winning or losing is solely depend on your luck. If you are at good luck when playing the roulette game, whatever you bet, it will be the outcome; but if you have bad luck, then the outcome will always be the one not within your betting range.Unfortunately, most players always believe good lucks will always come back to them, so they keep on playing even though they lose on every turn. Eventually, they lose all their money for them to quit. You should learn how to accept loses and stop playing if it is not a good day for you to win and come back next time when you have good lucks.2. Your greedy behaviorIt is common scenario at casino that people who win don’t leave the game until they have loss all their winnings and their own money.  The more you win, the more you want to win, this is the natural greedy behavior of humankind. That’s why casinos don’t afraid you win big, because they know eventually you will give back all your winnings. If you want to win at roulette, you need to control your greedy behavior; this can be done by setting a winning target, once you have achieved the winning target, insist to exit the game although your instinct asks you to stay and continue to win.3. Keep snowballing your bets when you are losingPlayers who play with some roulette strategies tend to double up their bet whenever they lose. This technique is called Martingale technique where the player keep double up their betting until they hit the winning turn. The technique itself will leads you to a winning turn if you have sufficient budget, and if you play at a casino that does not impose an upper limit on the amount to bet. But, all casinos have been protected from millionaires players who are financially affordable to play using Martingale technique by setting an upper betting limit. Hence, most roulette players who play with Martingale technique and win most of time, but one they hit the losing turn, they lose all their money. So, you should be real carefully if you have implemented this strategies in playing roulette game.4. You think you can beat the casino”Beat the casinos!”, this is the goal for most players. But, do you think you can beat the casinos that are designed to win in the long run? Like all other casino’s games, roulette game is designed to have certain house edge that gives advantage to the casino. For example, for European Roulette with single zero has a house edge of 2.7%, meaning that the casino will win 2.7% of total betting amount on the roulette game in the long run. Therefore, don’t ever think of beating the casino, you should focus on your goal to win your targeted amount and exit the game.5. Play wild without a strategyAlthough roulette is a game of chance, you should always play with some strategies in place to increase your chances of winning. By playing wild and simply bet without following a strategy, you will lose faster at the wheel. Therefore, stick to a roulette playing strategy that you are comfortable with and take the winnings or cut the loses according to your selected roulette strategy.