Unknown Facts About Roulette

Though the fact that roulette is almost the most recognizable casino game all over the world, its history and its origin have many mysterious and unknown questions.For example, few people know that roulette was first invented accidentally as a byproduct. Its inventor was a French mathematician designed the calculator and introduced it to the western world. His name was Blaise Pascal and he received roulette as a result of his unsuccessful experiment.Speaking about Roulette origin, a first reference about roulette table was recorded by Jaques lablee in 1796 in his novel la Roulette, ou le Jour.During some time in roulette history it was played only by most influential and wealthy European people. Nowadays most of people can not imagine that roulette tables they used to see and play on everywhere were once not around. Until 1843 there were only roulette tables with double zero. But in the middle of 19th century the popularity of casinos grown up extremely. Moreover, when in a small German town Homburg, two brothers introduced a roulette table with single zero it became clear that casino couldn’t attract enough players with only double zero tables. The casinos market became popular and competition on it increased. For this reason casinos had to wide their offers and only those who had all available roulette tables could attract as many players as they needed. That’s why Francois and Louis Blanc designed a single zero roulette to attract more gamblers offering high unusual odds.There is also a story about Francois Blanc telling us that he sold his soul to the devil in order to receive all roulette secrets. There is one of the reasons why roulette is also called a Devil’s game.Because of that innovation European wheels still have only one zero. At the same time, visiting any casino in Las-Vegas you will find there wheels with double zero.One more interesting fact is that in the 1990’s there were more innovations made in order to make the wheels more random and prevent any possible errors causing biases.Besides, many gamblers spent hours on studying Roulette mechanism in order to find out extracting data, looking for defects and biases of roulette wheels. In 1982 there was even a team of American gamblers who went to Britain in order to exploit casinos with older wheels. They succeeded and in such a way took the casinos for enormous large sum of money in a short period of time.Speaking about ethic rules and traditions it is considered to be impolite consuming some beverages or food at roulette table. That’s why if you can’t manage and stop yourself it’s better to choose online roulette and play at home eating and drinking what you’d like.